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What’s your property’s point of difference?

Every property has something unique that’s likely to attract the right type of buyer, and when it comes to selling your home, identifying this point of difference is important.

By knowing what makes your property stand out from the crowd and who it’s likely to appeal to, you and your sales agent can create a sales campaign that will pique the interest of the right type of buyer and ensure your home sells quickly.

So let’s look at how you determine your property’s point of difference…

What is a point of difference?

A property’s point of difference is the element that allows it to stand out in a marketplace of similar homes.

Perhaps it’s that your home has dual living potential, or maybe it’s the fact there’s a pool or additional car accommodation.

Essentially this point of difference answers the question, ‘why would the buyer pick your home above the other similar properties available?’

Why it matters

When you find and outline your property’s point of difference, you give prospective buyers a reason to inspect that home and potentially choose it as the property they purchase.

It allows the home to stand out from the crowd and creates a fear of missing out on something special about the property.

And, while a great agent is an expert in finding this unique selling point, the property seller can assist by considering their home’s point of difference and highlighting it well in advance of the property hitting the market.

How to find it

If you’re wondering what your property’s point of difference is, just consider the questions ‘what’s special about my home?’ and ‘why have I loved living here?’.

Often the thing that attracted you to a property will also be a major drawcard for potential buyers.

As an example, it could be any of the following and more…

  • The home’s aspect

  • Renovation potential

  • Sub-division potential

  • Two street frontages

  • Low-maintenance living

  • A corner block

  • A quiet cul-de-sac

  • Separate guest accommodation

  • A mature garden

  • A swimming pool

  • The home’s layout

  • The property’s outlook

  • The land size

  • The location

  • And much, much more

How your agent uses a point of difference

Your sales agent will use the property’s point of difference in the listing that appears on websites, social media and property portals.

Essentially, it’s the hook that’s designed to entice people to inspect the home in person and seriously consider it as their next purchase.

The agent will also use this point of difference in the negotiation process, highlighting why this is an opportunity not to be missed by the buyer.

The reality is every property has a story to tell and a unique point of difference that sets it apart from its peers.

When you find it, use it and showcase those unique qualities, you’re well on your way to a successful sale.

Looking to buy or sell?

If you’re considering buying or selling a property contact us to help you on your property journey.

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