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How to prepare your property for sale

When it comes to selling a property, presentation is everything. When you present your property to best effect it invites a potential buyer in and allows them to envisage your home as their own.

So how do you ensure your home is as well-presented as well as it can be? It takes preparation and an eye for detail, so here’s our guide on how to prepare your property for sale

First impressions

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home. Other than the images of your property that a potential buyer sees in marketing, the first physical impression they will get is when they drive past the property or attend an open for inspection.

That means your home should have great street appeal to create that wow factor.

In the months leading up to the sale, tend to the gardens and property exterior, including:

  • Trimming trees

  • Mulching the garden

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Clearing any exterior items that don’t need to be there

Exterior areas

With the garden in check, don’t forget to turn your attention to the property’s exterior and particularly the entry.

Do give your front door a fresh coat of paint if it needs it; water blast and clean any pathways, decks and patios; and clean all windows.

Don’t forget to look up and tend to any little things that might be below par, such as gutters that drip, shade sails that need a clean, or fascias that could use a once over and wipe down.

If your roof is looking tired or has tree sap on it, consider calling in the experts to give it a clean and paint.

The aim of the game here is to create a perfect first impression where everything is neat and tidy and no small repair issues raise red flags that there might be something amiss with the home.

Finalise any maintenance and repairs

On that note, use the months prior to taking your property to market to finalise any repairs and maintenance around the home.

In other words, view your property with a critical eye and fix any problems that you have been meaning to get to, or that are minor but may put a potential buyer off.

Go neutral

One of the best ways to refresh the interior of the home is to have it repainted prior to sale. Take a good hard look at your interior walls and their condition, have any minor cracks or knocks fixed, and then consider a neutral paint scheme that is light and bright.

Light neutral tones give the impression of light and space, and also allow the buyer to envisage themselves in the property.

The little things

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to give your home great buyer appeal. This might include replacing tired window furnishings, swapping out dated kitchen drawer handles with newer ones, or changing aged light fixtures for a more seamless and contemporary look.


One of the most important parts of readying your home for sale is decluttering. In the months prior to sale, progressively work through your property, cleaning out cupboards, and removing extraneous personal items.

You might choose to relinquish these items or perhaps box them up and put them in storage. The aim here is to allow potential buyers to see the property in its full glory and forge an emotional connection to it.

The decluttering process also involves casting a critical eye over your furniture to ensure it accentuates each space of the home.

Overly large furniture can overwhelm a space and make it look small, while dated furniture can age a property.

Meanwhile, artwork can be a very personal choice, so do look at the art and images hanging on your walls and consider whether they have widespread appeal.

Style if necessary

Some properties benefit greatly from styling, where a professional brings in furniture and items to create a beautiful impression in the home.

Have a chat with your agent to see if they believe styling might be necessary to really lift the potential value and appeal of your property.

The final touches

The final touches are the elements that add life and extra appeal to a home. They might include indoor plants and flowers that provide a touch of colour and greenery, or soft furnishings such as throw cushions that tie together the colour scheme of your home.

During the open for inspection stage, pay careful attention to these final touches to ensure your property instantly connects with potential buyers, who feel drawn to the home’s warmth and lifestyle.

It’s all about emotion

Selling a property might involve the transaction of bricks and mortar, but really it’s about someone falling in love with your home and wanting to call it their own.

They should be able to see the property in its full glory, enjoy its space, and imagine themselves living there or owning it.

Looking to buy or sell?

If you’re considering buying a property contact us to help you on your property journey.

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