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Start your journey
with a free property appraisal

With a free expert appraisal, whether in-person or virtually, we'll help you understand exactly whats involved in getting the best price possible for your property.


What will we assess in your free appraisal?

Property size

A full assessment of your property (including the size and condition of the property, key selling features, number of bedrooms and bathrooms).


An assessment of your property's location, its proximity to local attractions, nearby amenities and potential buyer appeal.

Market Conditions

An analysis of current market trends and the performance of similar properties that have recently sold in the area.

Property Appraisal

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Ready to start your home selling journey?
Understanding the steps involved in selling your property is important.

1. Speak to your local expert

A real estate agent will work to make your selling journey a smooth, stress-free and successful experience.

2. Get a property appraisal

Kickstart your selling journey with a free expert appraisal to find out how much your property is worth.

3. Choose a method of sale

To achieve the highest price, your agent will help you choose the right method of sale for your property.

4. Prepare your property

Styling your property is crucial to make it stand out from the crowd, attract more buyers and sell quickly.

5. Market your property

Promoting your property is key to success, which is why your agent will create a personalised marketing plan.

6. Finalise the sale

To seal the deal, remember to appoint conveyancing and property settlement experts to act on your behalf.

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