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How to make selling a property easy

Selling any property is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

With the right agent and the right preparation, selling a property can be easy. So, here’s a quick guide to what’s involved and how you can help ensure it’s the smooth and seamless transaction you hope for.

Prepare in advance

Selling a property for the best possible price involves preparation. After all, you want to ensure the home puts its best foot forward and attracts as many prospective buyers as possible.

Often this preparation begins months in advance of a sale and includes:

  • Tidying the garden

  • Tending to any repairs, unfinished jobs or maintenance

  • Repainting the home where required

  • Decluttering inside the home and staging the property in some instances

All these tasks are designed to ensure any prospective buyer can envisage themselves living in the property. They ensure the home looks welcoming and appealing.

The right agent

Selecting the right sales agent is key to a successful and stress-free sale. The agent you choose should understand the local market, have a proven track record and know exactly how to market your home to best effect to achieve the price it deserves.

When selecting that agent, be sure to look at their online reviews, meet them in person and ask them questions about what price they believe your property would achieve, and how they would go about attaining a sale.

Ideally, the agent you’re looking for will have excellent local market knowledge, good references, proven experience in your local area, be a great communicator and will also be someone you feel you can work with and entrust your property to.

They should also have excellent negotiation and people skills, as these are paramount when it comes to determining who your prospective buyer might be and getting any sale across the line.

The right price

It’s natural to want to achieve the best possible price for your property, but ultimately selling a home comes down to what the market is willing to pay at that moment in time.

Regardless of whether you choose to sell your home by auction, private treaty, tender or any other sales method, it pays to be realistic about the property’s price and how much potential buyers are willing to pay.

As they have access to this information every day a great agent is the best person to advise you on the price your home might achieve based on market trends, recent sales, similar properties currently for sale and more.

And remember, setting the price is an important decision.

Set it too low and you could miss out on reaping the reward for a highly-valuable asset. But if you set it too high, you could alienate potential buyers from the outset, meaning your home’s likely to spend longer on the market and that price might then have to be reduced.

Looking to buy or sell?

If you’re considering buying or selling a property please contact us to help you on your property journey.

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