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What property improvements might an agent suggest?

When it comes to selling a property, a real estate agent’s main focus is to get you the highest possible price for your home, and to achieve this they might suggest some improvements.

So, let’s look at what those might be and how they can help you achieve a swift and successful property sale…

Some general basics

As any seller will appreciate, selling a home is about putting the property’s best foot forward and attracting people to that property from the outset.

That’s why agents always recommend devoting some time and effort into the general preparation of the home.

These basic tasks include:

  • Completing any obvious repairs or unfinished jobs

  • Tending to the garden to create great street appeal

  • Decluttering inside the home and ensuring its tidy

  • Cleaning the interior and interior so the property looks fresh

Beyond that your agent might have some specific suggestions for your property, depending on the buyers you are hoping to attract and the price you want to achieve.

Some minor renovations

If there’s something obvious about the home that’s likely to put buyers off, your agent might suggest a minor renovation or repair.

It might be that an internal doorway is in the wrong spot and could easily be shifted to improve the home’s flow. Perhaps the property needs a lick of paint, or perhaps the bathroom needs a minor makeover.

Each of these suggestions is designed to remove an ‘obstacle’ that might stand in the buyer’s way when it comes to envisaging themselves in the property and putting an offer forward.

Fresh paint and window coverings

You’d be surprised the difference that simple improvements such as fresh paint or new window coverings can make in terms of giving a home a more modern look and feel.

And again, these are two quick, easy and affordable improvements an agent might suggest.

Fresh paint in a neutral or light colour palette makes the home feel light, bright and spacious.

It also fixes any minor wear and tear that the home’s interior walls may have suffered.

Meanwhile, new window coverings can also update a home, creating a light, bright and spacious feeling that continues throughout the property.

Professional staging

As much as you love your furniture, it can date very quickly. Large furniture can also make a home feel less spacious than it is.

In a bid to give a property that true magazine feel, your agent might suggest removing your furniture and having a professional stylist stage the property with their pieces.

For the right property in the right price bracket, professional staging can be a very worthwhile investment, adding tens of thousands to the value of your home.

A garden makeover

First impressions really count in real estate, and one of the first things a potential buyer is likely to do is drive by the property.

To create that great first impression, your agent might suggest a minor garden makeover that could include trimming trees, pruning, reshaping hedges, fresh mulch on the garden beds and any other tactics that give your garden an appealing and welcoming look.

Looking to buy or sell?

If you’re considering buying or selling a property contact us to help you on your property journey.

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